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This adorable little teddy bear is all dressed up as the Easter Bunny in his soft pink colored bunny costume.  His Easter basket, adorned with a yellow ribbon and bow, is empty because he's just put two beautifully decorated Easter eggs in the grass to be found by a lucky someone. Each tag measures approximately 4-3/8" x 2-5/8". All tags have white card stock on the reverse side with ample room to fill in the "To" and "From" areas. These tags are bordered in lavender and have a 10" lavender ribbon attached so you can easily tie it to your gift. Made with a combination of 110 lb and 65 lb card stock, these are not only sturdy, but they are cute enough to use in your scrapbook to help memorialize your special occasion.

Teddy Bear Easter Bunny Gift Tag

SKU: 1C4
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