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Did you know? The length of Brachiosaurus is believed to have been around 26 metres (85 feet). The Brachiosaurus was a herbivore (plant eater), that fed on foliage high above the ground. It is estimated that Brachiosaurus ate between 200 and 400 kilograms (440 and 880 pounds) of plants every day!  Each tag measures approximately 3-5/8" x 3-1/4" and is approximately 1/8" thick.  All tags have white card stock on the reverse side with ample room to fill in the "To" and "From" areas. These tags are bordered in purple and have a 10" purple ribbon attached so you can easily tie it to your gift. Made with a combination of 110 lb and 65 lb card stock, these are not only sturdy, but they are cute enough to use in your scrapbook to help memorialize this special occasion.

Brachiosaurus Gift Tag

SKU: 1C90
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